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Business Suspended

Due to a number of recent life events that have left me without my house/office/production space, I’ve suspended all business operations. Orders that have been placed will be filled but I cannot at this point give a good estimate of when items will ship. In addition, all purchases made that have not yet been fulfilled will be refunded in addition to the items being shipped.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to keep up with everything and communicate what has been going on. As of now, this company is dissolving and ceasing all operations.

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Captcha Now Required

I apologize for the brief inconvenience, but due to an increasing amount of spam I have had to add the use of a Captcha system to comments made on paged/products. It’s a simple process that involves entering two specified characters from six given. No weird squiggly letters or crazy distorted words, just plain text and clear instructions.

Avoiding these Captchas is simple: Register for a customer account (or login with your existing account) and have a previously approved comment. Meet those two conditions, and you won’t see any more Captchas when you try to comment or leave feedback on a product.

It’s not an ideal solution, but I’m working to bring you a smoother, bot- and spam-free experience. Thank you for your patience!