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Upcoming new products

There’s quite a bit in the works behind the scenes here. A number of new Ingress-related products are in the works, with some trickling through to the store here.

In addition, I’ve been working on offering a number of products for customization as gifts/promotional items, and expanding the selection of print services available.

Keep checking back for more news.

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Minor billing issue corrected

There was a minor problem with the tax calculation that popped up in the last couple of days for customers from Michigan that resulted in sales tax being calculated prior to checkout and then again on the already taxed total. This issue has been resolved and overcharge amounts have been refunded to those affected.

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Shipping Methods Updated

The shipping process has been changed to allow for more accurate calculations of actual shipping costs and accurate international shipping expenses. The new engine will pack the products into boxes and get the actual shipping cost from my facility to your door. In addition, this will calculate flat rate, regional rate, priority mail, and first class packages, giving you control over your cost and delivery time.

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Custom Printing Coming!

A new section called Custom Printing had been added to the shop along with a few starter items. These items are all paper/card/sticker items that can be printed with your custom design. Templates and file setup information are available under the Customer Resources heading on the menu.

As of the time of this post, there are currently three sizes of bumper stickers and trading cards available. Business cards and a large variety of custom sticker sizes are being worked on and will be available soon.

All of these products are produced using top quality stocks, inks, and coatings designed to give you a product that has high durability.

As noted in each product description, each of these products is produced separately from our other screen printed and promotional products and shipped direct from a separate facility. As such, there is a separate shipping fee for each cart item from this selection. I’m still tweaking the shipping setup, but should be able to continue to offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

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Back to normal…almost

All of the core functionality of the site and store, as well as existing product images, has been restored completely. I’m still working on tweaking the site theme and getting some of the brand images reworked to fit, which should be completed within the next week. So basically it’s back to business as usual.

In the meantime, I’m getting product ideas formulated to add a variety of new stock items for both Detroit Ingress communities, as well as a selection of generic faction items. In total, I’ll probably be rolling out 4-5 new items for the shop each week for the next month or so, offering much greater selection for all of you to choose from.

Keep checking back for updates!