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Sticker Information

In order to assist in getting the backlog of stickers previously produced by another person sold, I’ve listed all of these items as out of stock for the time being. If you are interested in purchasing vinyl logo stickers, please contact Nick Dumas. There are two sizes available (small and large) and they are available normal or reversed (for interior window application). Once his existing stock is sold out, I will re-enable purchase of these stickers.

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Reopening/Changes to Shipping

Orders are once again being accepted, with a few changes in product availability, production times, and shipping methods.

  • First, all travel mugs have been temporarily removed from stock. Due to a dramatic price increase from my supplier for blanks, I am working on sourcing the product at an affordable price before making these items available again.
  • Production times will now be 7-10 business days. This is to allow for the fact that I can no longer pick up clothing blanks locally (same-day) and must now account for a day shipping time to receive these items before imprinting. The lengthened schedule allows for delays in delivery or backordered items, while allowing me to still guarantee almost all orders will be produced and ship within the stated time frame. If, for some reason, an order cannot be filled within this time frame, I will notify you and give you the option to cancel your order or receive free shipping.

For shipping, there have been a few changes:

  • Local pickup is no longer available as a shipping option. Due to being stuck holding on to a high number of previous orders while attempting to arrange pickups, all orders will now be shipped via USPS priority mail.
  • The base shipping/handling fee is $5.50, plus a small per-item cost to cover increased packaging/shipping costs. The majority of orders will cost less than $10.00 in shipping.
  • Free shipping is available on all orders with a minimum total of $75.